Monday, January 23, 2012


I went to one of my favorite cities, where I always come back very excited, Istanbul.
City on Bosphorus is a famous party place, so I did what I was expected to do - party!
Instead of taking pictures all over the best clubs, I chose to share with you beautifully created market in Istinye Park shopping mall. I have compared it with amazing food hall in Harrods London.

Inspired by city's fashion spirit, in next posts I'll introduce you to some of stylish Istanbul fashionistas.

"I looked at you from another hill, dear Istanbul!
I know you like back of my hand, and love you dearly."
A poem by famous Turkish Poet and Statesman Yahya Kemal Beyatli 

Her ziyaretimde beni dahada heyecanlandiran İstabul'a gittim. 
Ortasindan İstanbul Bogaz'i gecen sehir, partileri ile meshur. Bende, benden bekleneni yaptim - partiledim! En iyi kluplerin resimlerini cekmek yerine, sizlerle İstinye Park alis veris merkezinde kurulmus guzelim pazar yerinin resimlerini paylasmaya karar verdim ve Harrods Londra'nin muhtesem yiyecek departmani ile kiyasladim. 

Yayinlayacagim postlarda sizleri sehrin moda ruhundan etkilenmis moda takipcileri ile tanistiracagim.

Dress: Robeto Cavalli  Location: 29 ULUS 
Istinya Park market
Dress: Patrizia Pepe
With my gorgeous girlfriend Asena Saribatur, TV presenter & the winner of Miss Peace International 2008 in LUCCA bistronomique launge & bar in Bebek who has a super-cool vibe, great straight-forward menu & killer bar selection.
Oh, Ladurée macaroon :)
In the club Bird


  1. I've never been in Istanbul, but I hope that I'll see it finally this summer
    I'm soo in love with this city !
    u look, as always, great ! these boots are amazing!

  2. Fascinating city, modern yet delivers the goods from the farm to your finger tips. Can't forget the gorgeous beauty and her lovely out fit. Sexy as always love. It now on my list to visit ;).

  3. Sandra looking beautiful as always, and such and intriguing place, the stores the market, and restaurant.

  4. See Constantinople again and again awakened in me special emotions... Since the birth of my beautiful girl Ira, beautiful and precious people and the country wich is so hearty, the idea of ​​re-live there I have never stopped to think... There is a few of cities that can boast like Istanbul with cultural sites.. I can be happy that I spent the best part of my life there...

    And you, you are a star wherever you are and on the Bosphorus you are shining with a special glow. Kisses <3

  5. Fotke su odlicne a ti si PRELEPAA!!! :) Vidim da si se supeeer provela, drago mi je :**

  6. It is almost impossible to explain the uniqueness of Istanbul in words. It is one of the most captivating city I have ever visited. And you my love look like a princess Jasmin from 1001 nights fairytale:)Love you

  7. Prelepe fotografije! Haljina ti je odlicna!

    Ceca :*

  8. Istanbul = spirit, love and happiness! Once Istanbul, Istanbul always ! Thanks Alex !

    1. God bless turkish delights, they are so special and unique, actually like anything that comes from turkish culture, I guess ! There is something so magical, spiritual, simply so beautiful in that culture, way of life that I ma in love with ! Every time I come to some country with turkish spirit I feel like I am inspired in a wicked, strange way ... Adore It !

  9. Also, You look awesome ... as always Alexa ! Kissy kissy , hug hug, hope to see You ! Iv

  10. Thank you for this post. I love your blog. Very stylish.

  11. Mislim da si im ti omiljeni, mrtva trka izmedju tebe i rahatlokuma iliti turkish delight-a ;)