Sunday, January 8, 2012

Exotic-skinned bags

There is luxury, and then there Luxury with a capital “L.”  OPAL STONE's bags are inspired by her jewels. “I was taught that when you buy something, make it the best thing. Not only will it last, but so will the excitement around it.” she says. 
The handles and the feet? All 18- and 22-carat yellow gold. The skins? Only the best alligator, crocodile, and ostrich (she uses Grade One American alligator, which is only the belly). And the lining? The same decadent skin to match the outside! Opal also maintains that the interior of your bag is equally important, a second home to you, so to speak, as it contains important components of your life.
Fluid shapes, an elevated sense of whimsy, and materials to die for: Opal Stone is set to deliver only the best, with quality for women who know their worth it – and prices to match! The bags run from $20,000-$40,000. Grey Se handbag, $32,000.

VALEXTRA Alligator Isis Clutch  $11,040

PROENZA SCHOULER Python PS1 Tote  $4,250
LANVIN Crocodile Portfolio Case  $14,990

NANCY GONZALEZ Crocodile Box Clutch  $850
VBH (V. Bruce Hoeksema) Vault Bag
HUNTING SEASON Red Python Excalibur $3,295 and exquisite natural lizard roll clutch in glossy silver  $1,255

NANCY GONZALEZ Crocodile Box Clutch  $1200 


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Artemis Spikes Metal Python Shoulder Bag  $1,995.


  1. 'm in love with VBH (V. Bruce Hoeksema) Vault Bag and LANVIN Crocodile Portfolio Case *-*

  2. Delim misljenje sa Renatom, ova crvena je top!!! :)

  3. Love, love, love every one of them :)

  4. The Lanvin Portfolio is just perfect ! (Anyway I love everything what Lanvin does ;-)))...