Friday, December 16, 2011

Selma Berisalic STARFINGER

I would like to introduce to you some of my good friends who are innovative & successful artists.
Firstly I have a pleasure to present to you Selma Berisalic, who comes from my hometown Sarajevo.

 After working as a model, stylist, manager and attending School of Applied Arts & Management School, Selma enrolled at the Esmond International Fashion School Berlin in 2005.

Selma Berisalic

    In 2005, Selma took 1st place in the St. Catherine Esmond Fashion Show. Her creations were published in WeAr fashion magazine. In September 2008, Mercedes Benz made commercial photos for a new model od Mercedes using Selma's creations as a model's outfits. The same year, she earned prizes for her work in China Fashion Week (Hempel Award), for her exemplary creative achievements. Also, she was finalist at the Fashion Academy Award in Berlin, Germany. In April 2010 Selma's clothing has been used for Hasselblad commercial.

The celebrities like Rihanna, Omahyra Mota and Coco Rocha were using Selma Starfinger clothes.
Selma Starfinger design is coming out in the book Titled Shapeshifters, the book on fashion designs that cross the boundaries between fashion, art, sculpture and architecture.
After the avantgarde clothes, Selma Starfinger presented her wearable collection spring/summer 2011.

Her work explores the modern female experience, appropriating both feminine and masculine elements in her designs. Her award-winning collection Starfinger is a combinations of both the hard & soft; the austere & luxurious; the impenetrable & plaint. The eye-catching, almost bizarre outer shape is offset by the delicate inner lining of the outfit.
Inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy & the history of silk in China, the moddy, mysterious and dramatic silhouettes hint at the secretive cocoon of a silworm or a rough-edged yet bulbous oriental fan, contributing further to the abstract chinoiserie references.

Selma is based in New York and her collections are produced in United States.

Years ago two of us went to Zagreb in Croatia to attend Cro-a-porter Fashion Week. At the time she was a young successful business woman. She confessed to me during this trip that her dream is to become a fashion designer. Selma was very quick and decisive at it and pretty soon after that she enrolled in the school in Berlin.


  1. Lepo je videti dobrog avangardnijeg kreatora. Mislim da smo u deficitu istih.
    Dopada mi se Selmin koncept. Hvala za post Alexa.

  2. Alex,Selma je izvrsna!!! Iz-vr-sna!!! Bravo za Semicu!!!
    ...a ti si lijepu pricu srocila,elegantno uoblicila... blog ti je preko-dobar :)

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