Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My little SCARF collection

Scarves are cool :))) Scarves are elegant, cozy, always in fashion! Scarves are fun! :)

I own 50-60 different styles of scarves and for this post I chose some of the pieces which are very dear to me for some reason & which I thought that would be interesting.

When I was a jury member at the beauty pageant in Cyprus, I got silk beaded scarf from my friend and model Vanja

This beautiful Atil Kutoglu scarf I got from my dear friend Mirza for a New Year in Istanbul years ago

Bosnian designer & artist Dragica Gudeljevic gave me this unique silk hand painted piece as a gift
The artist mother of my model Nancy Mia, made and painted this scarf for me
I got this beauty after the fashion show I worked in Florida. It's a lovely beaded scarf for the elegant evenings
At the opening of the famous Serbian designer Suzana Peric my best men Aleksandar bought me this silk and linen fun scarf
My fav print from my Salvatore Ferragamo's collection
My husband and I got these wonderful silk scarves at the market in Tunisia.  I got it in 10 different colors.
One of my favorite
Silk DKNY summer pieces from a London's DKNY shop where you can sit & have a tea and great cakes
I just love this silk gorgeous scarf and it's colour
Turkish brand Silk&Cashmere. Again, present from my dearest buddy Mirza from Istanbul.


  1. Koliko su divni svi, i ja imam slicne iz Tunisa, i ovaj svileni poslednji mi se mnogo svidja! :))

  2. jaoo, ovaj prvi, sto ti je Vanja poklonila, ostavlja bez texta ! A i svi ostali su prelijepi

  3. Your favorite is my favorite :)

  4. So far, my favorite post :))

  5. Predivni su! prvi je naravno moj favorit,vraca me na diiivan odmor na Kipru..ali su svi podjednako lijepi i vjerujem da svaki ima tebi posebno znacenje! <3

  6. What a great post I am such a scarf lover !
    They are all beautiful.I love grey one it is unusual ,Cyprus scarf is also very pretty ,colors are beautiful,S Ferragamo has gorgeous print on it :)) Each one has a story behind it for creators and you and that makes them even more beautiful.


  7. Tvoj stil :) Savršeni izbori uz savršenu ženu :)
    Pozdravčić :*